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Not surprisingly, the gallery took this presentation to mean that the government was dampening down the expectations of what the Budget will deliver.

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7%, invest in solutions and prevent the terrible outcomes that have been generated by National’s fixation on belt tightening and budget balancing, As you can see Robertson had no real answer, beyond saying that Labour has already signalled its readiness to accept a slightly longer debt repayment path than National: Yeah, look, I mean, we’ve been clear from the outset that we have a slower debt repayment track than the previous Government.. So in the meantime, please avail yourself (with moderation) of the inflight refreshments.

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So since there are expensive needs lurking in every nook and cranny, why is Labour sticking so steadfastly to the right wing ideological dogma enshrined in the Budget Responsibility Rules (BRR) that – for no good social reason – require Crown debt to be reduced to 20% of GDP in the next five years.. 4 billion shortfall, just to stand still Or shortfalls in education, defence and all the rest.. As a result, Labour will be left trying to fix the problems it has inherited by administering only a slightly less toxic version of the same poison that caused them.


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As things stand, the coalition government is – quite rightly – decrying what the extent of underfunding (and the false economies promoted by National) have left in their wake.. We said that we would reach the 20 percent target 2 years later The same target as National, but two years later.

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Yet this approach is still being allowed to define what passes for sound economic management – and Robertson, like the Third Way politician he is, seems unwilling to take the political risk of disrupting it.. Overall, it was like hearing from the flight desk that the plane was losing pressure, one of the wings had been showing signs of wear and tear and we’d be making a rapid descent but on the whole, no reason to panic, folks.. Besides, did we promise you this flight would be turbulence free? No, we didn’t say that.. This issue will remain a live one – because it goes to the heart of (a) just how radical the coalition government is prepared to be in dealing with the socio-economic problems it has inherited, and (b) the extent to which Robertson and Co remain beholden to the economic orthodoxy of the past few decades.. But we’re going to be OK It will just take a bit longer to get to where we thought we were going. 5ebbf469cd


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